Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Belt

Postpartum Belt

  • Wear it 2-3 days after delivery
  • Wear it even when you sleep
  • The belt is designed to firm up your tummy and pelvis, when worn correctly it will not slip
  • The belt is designed with a up-down system and can be easily adjusted by Velcro (upper belt first and bottom)
  • This belt has 4 soft wires to keep your posture nicely and support your back

Feature of Postpartum Belt

1. Shape your body
It shapes your waist line and bottom very nicely
2. Recovery of your body
Prevent your internal organs to hanging down, help contraction of the uterus and recovery of the Pelvis.
3. It alleviates the burden to the waist
Provide relief & reducing lower back pain

Important Notice

  • If you wear sizes too small, it will constrict your body unnecessarily. It will cause your body to have bad blood flow and could damage your physical condition.
  • For those who have had cesarean or other physical conditions, please consult with your doctor before using these products.
  • A person who weight increase more than 8kg (17 lbs) during pregnancy, please wear one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size. For example, if your waist was 62cm (Medium) in pre-pregnancy and the weight increased more than 8kg, you should wears size 70 (Large). Please see below.
  • -If you are planning to purchase these prodcuts after delivery, please measure your body after delivery.
 Size Waist Hip
58 Small 55 - 61cm (21 - 24") 79 - 89cm (31 - 35")
64 Medium 61 - 67cm (24 - 26") 83 - 93cm (32 - 36")
70 Large 67 - 73cm (26 - 28") 86 - 96cm (33 - 37")
76 X Large 73 - 79cm (28 - 31") 89 - 99cm (35 - 39")